Rocksteady Oilfield Services Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe workplace for all workers, contractors, clients and visitors.  We strive to be the best in all we do including maintaining the highest quality safety program and always working to grow our knowledge and understanding of the safety industry to ensure we are able to keep up with the ever changing policies and procedures in our field.  All our workers are extensively trained for their positions so they are able to complete their tasks with the upmost care and with safety as the first priority.  Our goal is to have anyone who associates with Rocksteady make it home each night with a better understanding of our company and our safety goals.

corfix Rocksteady is COR certified with all audits receiving a 95% or higher score.  Although we are able to complete our own audits internally we still use an external AMTA auditor to complete our yearly audits.  By using an outside source we are receiving additional reassurance from a professional in the safety industry that we are going above and beyond the requirements. We pride ourselves in having not only an exceptional safety program but also having a program that is easy to understand and to participate in.  We engage all our employees in helping us to develop our policies and procedures to ensure everything is easy to follow and maintain.  We believe that by collaborating with workers in the field we are able to make a program that is more accurate and fitting to the field as well as something our workers can feel pride in knowing they helped to develop.

comply-fixISN_Logo_Fullsize We have current and up to date subscriptions to ISNetworld and Comply Works.  Both of these systems are designed to monitor our safety status and ensure our stats do not exceed a dangerous level.  We are pleased to hold an “acceptable” or “green” status with all clients on these systems.

At Rocksteady we understand that technology is constantly changing. With this in mind we are continually working to ensure our systems meet the needs of not only our clients but our support staff as well. In 2015 we installed new GEOtrac GPS systems in all Rocksteady equipment. This system ensures that we are always aware of the location of our equipment and the drivers operating that equipment. With this system we are able to better track our equipment maintenance, track driving habits, create various reports on our equipment and drivers and most importantly ensure we are aware of the whereabouts of every driver at all times.  In 2016 we began to transition to Axon Trucking Software. Axon is a program specifically designed for the trucking industry and ensures that all paperwork is processed efficiently, correctly and with minimum strain on our office support staff. The Axon system streamlines all Accounts Receivable processes to ensure our clients receive their invoices in a timely manner. The software also enables us to better track many safety statistics and expiry dates for important items such as safety tickets and driver’s licenses.  New to our fleet in 2021 was the installation of dash camera systems.  These systems allow us to remotely pull video from any unit, in any location and ensure all driver’s are driving in a safe manner.  In addition it enables us to review accident footage to complete our investigation in a timely fashion and ensure steps are taken immediately to prevent further incidents.