oneTank Trucks

Rocksteady has a well kept fleet of of the following tankers

  • Tandem tractor- tridem trailer units
  • Tridem tractor- tridem trailer units
  • Super B units
  • Body job units
  • Tri-quad units

If its fluid you want to haul, we have you covered.

Fluid Services

  • Produced Water Hauling
  • Crude Oil Hauling
  • Condensate Hauling
  • Flowback Hauling & Invert Hauling

Vacuum Trucks

  • Combo Units
  • Semi Vacs
  • Straight Vacs

Vac Services

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Environmental Clean Ups
  • Tank Cleans
  • Land Spreading

Steamer Unit
Rocksteady is pleased to offer mobile steamers for all your heating and washing needs along with the ability to thaw out frozen lines.

Mechanical Service
We have a fully staffed brand new 9000sq ft. licensed shop and journeyman mechanic to satisfy all your mechanical needs.